New Amazon Echos. Actually a ton of them.


Amazon have unveiled great numbers of new Amazon Echos, aiming to grow the Alexa smart assistant in the market.

Dave Limp, senior Vice President of devices and services, started the event by saying that 70 new products would be announced within an hour’s time. Although not all the announced products were new, some were just a little better touch to the existing ones. 

Link to all these devices is here

The new Amazon Echos that received update includes names like Echo Dot, Echo Plus and Echo Show. They will be available at the same pricing as their older models. 

Echo dot

The new Echo Dot is now bigger and is wrapped with fabric on its sides, making it look like its other competitors. It is also now 70% louder as it now has a bigger 1.6” driver as opposed 1.1” in older model. 

Echo Plus

The simple new Echo Plus still doubles as a smart home hub, but now also has Smart Home Local Voice Control which means it can now control smart home devices without the need of internet on your command. 

Echo Show

The much more changed new Echo Show has that fabric back cover with a 10” HD display as opposed to 7” display of older model. It’s sound is also improved ‘Cause of real time Dolby sound processing. Also it now has a web browser! (The best way to hack YouTube to it.)

Now the new Amazon echos:

In the event, five new echo companions were also released. Read down to find out about them. 

1. Echo Link and Link Amp

Echo link and Echo link amp

They both the same thing, except the link amp also amplifies the sound. 

The Echo Link is designed to connect to a receiver or amplifier with multiple digital and analog inputs and outputs for compatibility with the existing stereo equipment. 

Whereas the Echo Link Amp has a built in 60W 2-channel stereo amplifier. 

2. Echo Input

Echo Input

It is again like that old hockey puck look alike echo dot, but much simpler and flatter. It connects to any speaker and makes it an Alexa enabled smart speaker. It only has microphones and no speakers, which can be fulfilled by any speaker of yours. 

3. Echo Sub

Echo Sub

It is basically a subwoofer that connects with one or two Amazon echos, filling out the low end and making the sound much fuller. 

Interiors of Echo Sub

4. Echo Auto

Echo Auto

Because of it, you can bring Alexa to your car with no efforts at all. Plug it into your car sound system and now you’ll be able to make calls, ask for directions, etc. Why spend hundreds of rupees to get a new car having android Auto or Apple car play, when you can just buy this echo Auto. 

5. Echo Clock

Echo Clock

It looks like a normal analog wall clock at the first glance. But it connects to echo devices and tracks timers, reminders and alarms, it also shows the time with respect to time zone  and daylight savings.

AmazonBasics Microwave 

It doesn’t have Alexa built directly into it, but can connect to amazon echo devices and handle commands through it. It also has amazon dash replenishment, which means it knows when you’re running low on pop corn and orders more for you. 


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