Want To Become Fit And Stronger


You all may believe or not but there are many ways out to become Fit. if you Want To Become Fit And Stronger then you should have to follow this.

I am here to guide you from a small dot and let you clear everything about getting fit and I am are going to share some secrets and facts.

so be active and wait for our next blog. It doesn’t mean that if you go to the gym and do weight lifting den you become strong and fit.

the first thing you need to give energy to your soul and wake yourself to pull harder to become stronger, first we have to start with the beginning

let’s begin our journey……………

we will start with full body warm-up

No one tells you about breathing but is give strength and avoid to faint

people mostly forget about the warm-up duration and give best after it

but if you don’t have the perfect dress for the party then how you gonna look smart and handsome.

firstly I would like to tell you all my friends that “what you do just focus on it” otherwise you may not get the good result.

I am going to give you the only 10-day challenge to check your ability and potential.

here it starts

Day 1:

         1: 10 min warm-up

         2: 10 push-ups if you are not familiar then 5 push-ups

              with 3 set .like you have to do it 3 times with the 10-sec break

              between each set.

          3: 10 diamond push-ups with 3 sets if you don’t know don’t worry i

               will explain everything down.


          4:10 diamond push-ups(knee position) same 3 sets.

          5: 5 pull-ups with normal position only 2 sets.

          6: 10 dips with 3 sets.

For other days

Just increase the sets in 2 days and don’t forget about contraction it is the most important for our muscles to get good contraction do it slowly focus on it

Control On Your Breathing

many are not aware of this thing during working out but if you are not feeling well during the workout then this might can be a problem 

I will guide you with breathing inhaling and exhaling

Let’s Start With Warm-Up

  Just do it without moving your head and don’t look at back your body should be a straight focus on your arm movement and your jump you can co it like 3 or 4 min for getting your muscles ready.

Touch you leg fingers and sit by flowing your hands up and stand without changing hands position

you need to do it in flow don’t worry after 1 or 2 try you will able to do it with flow do it for 2 mins.

This picture is clear for you it will stretch your muscles

do it for 3 min for both leg, divide it into 10 right and 10 left legs.


Push-ups don’t just work the arms and chest – they work for multiple muscle groups. Along with the muscles in your arms, chest and shoulders, you use abdominal and upper back muscles when you do a set of push-ups.

there are tips for you do it slowly for good result,

don’t move your head and lift your hips little up when you go down touch your nose on the ground or chest but your chest and nose should be in straight line mean your neck should be straight to the ground.

Breathing: Inhale on the way down

                      Exhale on the way up

                 Diamond push-ups

They are similar as normal push-ups but you just have to make a diamond with your fingers by collapsing them together.but they are good for back teres major when you go down the get wide and when you go up they contract that help on muscles stretch.

Breathing: Inhale on the way down

                      Exhale on the way up

Diamond push-ups(knee bend position)

Diamond push ups with knee bend more focus on your upper chest same as diamond push-ups but you need to bend your knees over the ground

Tips: put something soft then bend your knees on it.

Breathing: Inhale on the way down

                      Exhale on the way up


“I want to become fit and stronger”

Pull your weight and get your back.

there are different types of pull-ups but you need to be simple for the first start

there is shoulder lock and without shoulder lock that I will explain to you all later

you all need to pull your hands up and  grab the bar and pull your body up

tips: chest should be little up pulled until your chin cross the bar.

        Don’t fold your leg and no momentum.

        do it slowly with the feel

Breathing: Inhale on the way down

                      Exhale on the way up


They are basically good for your triceps .as you can see in the picture  you just need not fold your knees put your body on your hands and get down and get up with good contraction and focus on your that part on which you are working

Breathing: Inhale on the way down

                      Exhale on the way up

       Things You Need To Know

You have to focus on your that body part on which you are working with feel and focus.

If you feeling don’t like to do then put your earphone and plug them.

motivation is very important

Get inspired by your idol.

If you need any help I am always active to help you, my friends


    • thank you for asking the question well if the person is very thin then he/she should be more focus on diet and eat good amount of food like peanut butter , yogurt ,milk if you eat egg and chicken then eat boiled eggs daily and chicken in a week and eat your food until your stomach get full.for more problems you can mail me on [email protected] and be with us because I am going to post about diet soon.
      thank you


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