WHAT IS 5G(Fifth-generation) TECHNOLOGY?


5G is Fifth-generation technology of cellular communication. It succeeds 4G (LTE/WiMax), 3G (UMTS) and 2G (GSM) systems. It is engineered to increase the speed and responsiveness of the wireless networks. In the 5G system the data transfer at up to 20Gbps  on wireless broadband connections.

It also enables the increase in the amount of data transferred through the wireless systems because of the more available bandwidth. To improve the speed of the network 5G offers network management feature, in which it allows mobile operators to create virtual networks. The more recent 3GPP standard includes any network using the NR New Radio software. 5G New Radio can include lower frequencies, from 600 MHz to 6 GHz.

First 5G(Fifth-generation technology ) network deployments

Many operators have announced and conducted trails and launch of 5G network in some countries. The countries are:


Ooredoo is the first mobile network operator in Qatar has launched the first commercial 5G network in the world May 2018, in 3.5 GHz band and after Ooredo, Vodafone Qatar has conducted a test for the 5G network in July 2018 and after the test, Vodafone launched its 5G services officially in Augst 2018

List of country which may have the 5G services or currently using them.

  • United States(OCT 2018)
  • United Kingdom(OCT 2018)
  • Spain(JULY 2018,Vodafone)
  • Finland and Estonia(JUNE 2018)
  • South Korea(TBD)
  • Australia(2019)
  • Philippines(2019)
  • Bangladesh(2020-2025)
  • Indonesia(End 2018)
  • Lesotho(August 2018)


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