Windows V/S Mac? Which is better for you?

Windows V/S Mac

Starting the actual discussion. First, note that Both operating systems have their own unique features and layout. Windows is the most common and used operating system among people. So, It’s hard to conclude that, Which operating system is better for you? Windows V/S Mac?

We will conclude that on some points and basis. So that, It will help you to understand the operating system’s feature and which you have to go with.

1. Interface

Windows have a minimal and to layout and give a user-friendly environment. The icons and layouts of the tabs are very simple, User feels easy to use windows. But, It varies among users. The tabs have navigation buttons at right corners. As it feels users more ease, Also user don’t confuse between tabs and commands.

Windows V/S Mac

Compare to Windows, the Mac operating system have a complex layout and theme. But, As I said before. This thing varies for different users. Some people find Mac easy compare to Windows. Now, Mac has a very unique pattern of icon placing and menu bar.

Windows V/S Mac

The menu bar in Mac is at the Top bar. And the icons of the program at the bottom end. An interesting feature or we can say a layout that when a user opens a program. The user can allow using the whole tab using that screen, and the menu bar of that program will appear at the top of the Mac OS.

2. Performance 

If you want to do office work in your computer then surely go for Mac OS. But if you want to play games and do such other things. Sorry, my friend Mac is not the correct choice for you. Go with the Windows Operating System.

Editing Applications like Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Edius, Vegas Pro, Affinity and so on. These all software wants the high speed of rendering capability. If you do such kind of editing works then you can choose Mac OS. No doubt in that. Because Mac OS provides better performance in this field and As I said before, Mac OS is always a better choice for office work.

3. Prices

As we are discussing the prices, The windows will cost cheaper compared to Mac OS. A high-end system for gaming configurations with Windows will cost you up to $1000. A Mac System will cost you as same as the Windows. But Mac will give a better performance compared to Windows in Editing videos and photos.

If we talk about simple tasks and daily uses then Windows will worth it for you. And also for gaming Performance. With a high-end graphics card like GTX 1080 Ti then you Windows must cost you up to $2000 with a good processor.

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